How REAL Are You With Your Kids?

April 23rd, 2012Posted by Jill Hope

By Jill Hope Think about this for a minute….how REAL are you with your kids? Do you share with them how you are feeling, what is going on in your life, or challenges you experienced growing up? Are you honest with them when you don’t have the answers? Do you give them the space to […]

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Three Simple Steps to Building Confidence in Your Child

September 5th, 2011Posted by Jill Hope

By Jill Hope Confidence is such an essential quality in living a happy, successful life. Confident people are more likely to ask for what they want, and tend to do it in a way that gets a positive response. When confident people meet failure, they tend to pick themselves up, view the situation as an […]

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Three Ways Nature Can Teach Our Kids (and Us) About Life

August 9th, 2011Posted by Jill Hope

By Jill Hope Many people tout the benefits to kids of being in nature. Nature can help us learn about the inner workings of life, the stuff we don’t often see on the outside as we go through our daily lives. Nature is energy (well, everything is energy when it comes down to it), and […]

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The First Thing You Must Do if You Wish to See Change in Your Kids By Jill Hope

June 14th, 2011Posted by Jill Hope

So many parents and teachers wish to create some kind of positive change in the lives of their children. They wish to help their kids avoid the mistakes they made, they want them to reach for their highest potential, and they want them to be happy. So, they seek this solution and that recommendation looking […]

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Did you know this one well-meaning action actually hurts your child’s self-esteem? By Jill Hope

May 22nd, 2011Posted by Jill Hope

As parents we love to lavish praise on our children. Often we do so not just out of excitement at our child’s accomplishment, but also as a means to boost her confidence and self-esteem. How often have you said “You’re so smart” when your child did well on a test, or “What a great athlete […]

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